December 2012

As 2012 careens to a close, there’s a few pieces of information that are of interest, at least to this website.  Currently I'm on tour in Brasil and unless I join a futball team, I’ll keep the dispatch coming.  

I’m thrilled to announce that in January Cuneiform Records will unleash upon society the first recording from my newest band, Dylan Ryan Sand.  Some shows are confirmed, but do keep an eye out for the full West Coast tour schedule.  If you are familiar with Tim Young and Devin Hoff, you realize what a tremendous, dangerous rhythm section we’re dealing with.  They’re both just truly a pleasure to play with and two of my favorite humans.

I first saw Tim play with The Youngs in Venice a couple years ago and it was obvious, before knowing of his other powers, that for the Avant-Sabbath-1970’s Joni-Cure –free-jazz band I was envisioning, he’d be a welcome inclusion.  Devin (my favorite Kiss-torian) I met at The Hungry Brain in Chicago where he was playing, with a tremendous group, a far reaching blend of tunes and free form. As I kept bumping into into him, he was continuously dropping strange wonderful nuggets of information ranging ancient ruins to my favorite mighty progressive metal outfit, Ruins.  How could you not want o be in a band with Devin Hoff?

Writing a few records simultaneously has always been a favorite method of mine.  I don’t want to think too hard about any one tune. If it’s any good, I’ll almost certainly become obsessed with it anyway during composition.   I let them all marinate and if certain flavors merge and make their way through to a perceptible place.   This time it was the Sand record and the new Rainbow Arabia record, the latter which I think will see the light of day some time soon in 2013. We congregated for two days at the Hobby Shop LA back in April 2012 to record some music I’d written in the two preceding months and although the band was still then un-named, the influences would reach deep into my imagination and present preferences.  Music for a Chevy Malibu in transit to Apple Valley for an unknown pick up, the party scene in Midnight Cowboy, Kryzstof Komeda,  Oxygen bars, Juice bars, Whiskey bars, Tennis, Isabelle Adjani, and the musical content played by a rhythm section in 1978 on a long board fade.

Otherwise, stay tuned for the latest Rainbow Arabia record with shows being schemed upon at this very moment at some un-named location in the hills above Echo Park.