May 2013

Last month saw the release of some new Rainbow Arabia music that turned out pretty swell, I think.  And right off the bat, here's my new Ether Feather song. The cats out of the bag, I adore Mark Isham.

In other release news, it's nice to see that shining shimmering & splendid cover out there after working on that Rainbow Arabia material (the second LP, FM Sushi) off and on for about a year) 

And if you haven’t familiarized yourself with Robert Beatty; allow me... 
Assembling the drum set for that music has been a production in progress since I first gave it a go a couple years ago.  In the back of my mind, I just want to pretend I'm in some fictional interim Al Jourgensen/Patrick O'Hearn band between Ancient Dreams and Twitch, but the music is so delicate and dynamic at times that that i'll have to save that character something else.  
Earlier this month I mounted the steed with the very excellent musical group from California; Bouquet. A great group that, in my referential mind, encapsulates a hybrid of the Left Bank playing Coletrane’sBallads in long forgotten chapel in 1990 Nottingham, fronted by Johnette Napolitano…The new video,Falling, is looking mighty nice, I think. 

We had the great opportunity to play alongside some great artists at the All Tomorrows Parties curated by TV On The Radio.  Tinariwen, Light Asylum, and Dark Dark Dark are some new gems for me.

In addition to a great group of bands, TVOTR assembled a slew of fine films to be aired throughout the weekend. 
So of course this prompted me to ponder what I'd air, were I the programming director for a weekend. Partial list would need to include: To Live & Die In LA, Eureka, and several Bridget Fonda films. 
What now?
East coast DR Sand dates are about to be announced, fall tour season is looming around the bend, and there are some shows up the coast in the meantime with some great bands.
DR out…