March 2014

I wrote most of this recently recorded Sand music in December, drawing from sketches that I had compiled in vans and hotel rooms over the preceding 4 months touring, and I feel like Tiffany from Rainbow Arabia's evil black SG was perhaps the impetus for much of the new stuff.
I really wish I could say inspiration came from zipping through the alps, gazing over the glorious pines locking eyes with an eagle for a split second before parting ways forever, each cherishing the moment.  But alas, much was written in a wonderful, classically bleak Berlin apartment in between shows fueled by doner, red wine and that sweet ax.  Moving along, Hoff, Young and I pulled it off and made a new Sand record last month, strictly adhering Black Sabbathian recording timeframes of the early 70's, of course.
2 days to track, 2 days to mix and we're out.  
But before any of those Sand festivities commence, Icy Demons will don the breastplate once again and join ANTI recording artist Lost in The Trees on the West Coast leg of their upcoming tour.  Learning and relearning songs tracked years ago is always fun and sometimes presents a nice lens into what one may have been listening to at the time of inception.  I'm hearing plenty of Queen in these Icy's drum parts.  Lots of low to hi drum shapes.  And I think Clem Burke was probably an obsession, and rightfully so; listen to his high hat work on anything...so breathtakingly sassy.  Here's those dates, come say hi.