October 2020. The First new Bronze studio recording since Calypso Shakedown

Earlier in the summer I saw for the first time the New World Pictures cinematic masterpiece, Tuff Turf.  Starring James Spader and Kim Richards, the film is part Warriors, part Staying Alive, part Karate Kid, and maybe even a touch of Class Of 1984.  I'd definitely recommend this one for all fans of the High School/Coming of Age/Fish out of water story.  
Mid-way through the film, after several attempts at winning over Kim Richards, Spader finally pulls out the big guns and sings her a song in a country club after storming the stage.  That song is "We Walk The Night" and my colleagues in Bronze and I realized that this strange song is without a recording apart from that of Spader lip synching the Paul Carney performance in the film.  We decided to fix that and released the definitive studio recording of WWTN.  Enjoy at the link below.

Life is not a puzzle to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived.
- Dialogue in "Tuff Turf"